Self-Propelled is for uprights only and means that the motor also moves the vacuum.
Edge Cleaning is the special ability to clean carpets up to the very edge of the wall.
Heated Cleaning is for steam types only that can heat up the water before it is sprayed.
Cord rewind is when the power cord is kept on spring reel, inside the vacuum and recoils automatically once triggered.
Blowing vacuums have the ability to blow out air as well as suck in.
Dirt indicator indicates (via sensors) the places to clean or if more cleaning is need for any area the device comes into contact with.
Lift Off is the ability of a upright vacuum to be removed from standing base to provide more reach.
Built in Water Pump can be quite helpful in case of a small flood.
Touch Control Handle devices will have some controls on the vacuum handle (on/off/speed etc).